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The history of Mischa Estate

Mischa Estate is nestled in the valley of Wellington, South Africa. Third generation Mischa Estate was bought just after the Second World War by John Barns Senior. He chose the farm because of its view of Table Mountain. This unique position makes Mischa one of the few farms in the region with a line of sight to the coast, bringing evening sea breezes that play an important role in these unique wines distinctive character.

The farm in the early years was mixed farming of fruit trees and some neglected vineyards which he streamlined to focus on the export of fruit.

Mischa Estate was taken over by John Barns Jr. who joined his father on the farm & started grafting vines on a small scale. This was the start of what was to grow into one of the Cape’s leading vine nurseries. Mischa Nursery is now the 4th largest vine nursery in the Southern Hemisphere.

After John Barns Sr. retired in 1987 the fruit trees gradually gave way to new vineyards. Large areas were set aside for the vine nursery operations and grape were delivered to one of the local co-ops.

In 1999 John Barns Jr. eldest son Andrew produced his first Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon and surprised the family by producing award winning wine that sold out immediately after it was bottled & the die was cast! Andrew’s Shiraz won 1st place and in light of his early success turned a hobby into a career and launched Mischa Wines.

The farm Mischa has been in the Barns family for three generations.

All at Mischa Wine Estate value the ongoing opportunity to share their incomparable wines with you!

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