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Named after the magnificent Simonsberg mountains that surround it, Simonsig is one of South Africa’s oldest wine estates.

Simonsig Wine Estate has been run by the Malan family since 1942 and is best known for being the first wine producer to release a méthode cap classique, the South African equivalent of French Champagne, back in 1971.

Now in the fourth generation of Malans, the estate boasts a range of nearly 20 different wines and is home to Cuvée restaurant with its locally and seasonally inspired menu. Although steeped in a rich history, Simonsig’s passion for wine and innovation has continued to grow with their award-winning wines as evidence of this.

The Malan Legacy

The legacy of this landmark family winery dates back to 1688 when the first Malan arrived in South Africa. As a French Huguenot, Jacques Malan was given land at the Cape of Good Hope by the ruling Dutch, where he first planted vineyards. In time, he settled near Stellenbosch, which quickly became famous for the quality of the wines from the region.

In 1953, one of his descendants, Frans Malan, planted vineyards on De Hoop, in the foothills of the Simonsberg Mountains outside Stellenbosch. The farm subsequently became the nucleus of the Simonsig Wine Estate.

1968 saw the introduction of his first wines sold under the Simonsig Estate label, literally translated meaning Simon’s View, named after the spectacular views of the Simonsberg Mountains. The late Frans Malan, beloved patriarch of the Malan Family and one of the pioneers of the South African wine industry, was not only a craftsman of superior wines, but also introduced ground breaking innovations including co-finding the Stellenbosch Wine Route and producing South Africa’s first Méthode Cap Classique, a bottle fermented sparkling wine made in the style of French champagne. Today, his legacy lives on through his sons, Francois and Johan, and grandson Francois-Jacques, the 2nd and 3rd Malan generations at Simonsig Estate. For 3 generations, Simonsig Wine Estate has been devoted to developing terroir-driven wines that express the unique character of Stellenbosch.


At Simonsig, the Malan family values drive the Estate’s commitment to producing wines of internationally regarded excellence, expressing the unique and diverse terroir of the Stellenbosch region. We also believe that being a gift of nature made for the enjoyment of people, our wine offering should always be complemented by true Cape hospitality and efficient service.

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

We recognise the importance of sustaining the source of our beautiful products, which is why the Estate ascribes to Wieta, BWI, HACCP, IPW and CVC standards that ensure responsible and ethical wine production. Committed to the well-being of our people, Simonsig offers various mentorship and leadership programs to its staff and their children, as well as an on-site crèche and aftercare facility managed in association with the Anna Foundation.

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